You deserve so much better


Here’s a website to explain how you really do deserve better. Instead of denigrating “competitors” as an open source developer, I like to show why WordPress is the greatest and most popular choice for building pretty much any web-based project.

This website runs on under $11 a month hosting, and uses a free WordPress theme, only a small handful of well supported free plugins. Anybody who can use a computer and has access to the internet can have a website like this.

This Powered Website

  • is very very fast – a PageSpeed Insights score of 100 (mobile) and 100 (desktop) is on the board – Core Web Vitals which cannot be beaten.
  • ranks extremely well in Google (and other) search engines – as a consequence of being blazing fast, but also because of following other Best Practices, as well as supporting fully native Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which helps a great deal with mobile-first indexing.
  • is extremely secure – by following some simple but effective hardening processes, none of which cost anything.

WordPress is Fast… Very Fast

Compared to slow, proprietary products, aimed at the mass market; WordPress is a precision tool, which can very quickly and easily be tuned to run like a cheetah, speeding past all the others.

For example, this website compared (in London, UK) to another marketing page hosted by a closed source SAAS page:

WordPress vs Wix – PageSpeed comparison via GTmetrix

Free As In Beer / Free As In Freedom

None of these things cost a single penny. Free as in beer and – even better – free as in freedom. This website belongs entirely to its owner – Robin Scott – who makes the decisions about where it is hosted, and what software is running under the hood. Nobody else has any kind of say in what happens here.

Installing WordPress means that all rights remain with the webmaster to amend, edit and distribute the code in any way, shape or form. As long as the original attribution remains, ownership is absolute; it’s the only thing the GPL license will insist upon: attribution. No payment needed.

That’s great freedom.

Additionally, you’ll perhaps notice there’s no ads, nor any trackers here. No non-essential cookies at all are placed onto your browser – unless you try to login (you can’t) or leave a comment (maybe something in the Lazy Assumptions category), WordPress won’t place any cookies onto your browser.

You can therefore visit without receiving and signing away a cookie warning, and signing endless terms and conditions. You don’t need to consent to anything; because nothing for which consent should be obtained is happening. Your visit here will not be monitored. You will not be asked to “get in touch” or “leave your email address”.

Have one on the house.

Free Updates For Life

Because the people who make Open Source software care about their community, core updates very rarely fail, and maintain backwards compatibility, except where to do so would lead to insecurities. These software updates are free. You can test these in most quality hosts by making a staging copy of your website (one click – there’s even a free plugin for this), and then performing the updates in there, to make sure everything goes A-okay in advance.

We’re talking about something you can do – updating in staging first – while you sip two short belts of your morning coffee. Once every week or so is enough. Free updates for life… now that’s something worth thinking about.

WordPress’ Wide & Excellent Developer Community

Because WordPress is incredibly popular – over 40% of the top ten million websites use WordPress – it is therefore well supported by the developer community, should you ever need to get more complicated than “out of the box.”

At times, a wide developer community can be a blessing (low cost) and a curse (low quality) but as a mature software eco-system, there are a variety of quality controls available to a more discerning customer.

Access the widest pool of developer talent out there, and select free and open source WordPress for your next web based project.

Don’t settle for second best. Cancel all the noise from marketers, and make the wisest of choices: WordPress.

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